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  1. Kevin younb says:

    Hello , I recently purchased a 2002 18 ft grew. I am looking at fishing a few of the derbys this. Year and was wondering if Grew could send me a few stickers for the boat and tackle boxes. Even a T shirt would be great . Looking forward to hearing from you

  2. Kent Hossie says:

    I am glad to hear the Grew name hasn’t vanished.
    Where are you located, & what is your plan for the future?
    Thnx Kent

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hi Kent,
      Thank you for the interest in GREW.
      In November 2011 my father, Ron Jackson, purchased the intellectual properties of the company (Company names, Domain names, Photos, logos, Electronic Files). For 4 years we didn’t do anything with the property but, since I had some time on my hands in late 2015, I started researching the history of the brand. I have learned some amazing things about Grew’s history and, I endeavour to revive the brand, to restore the legacy of a great name in boating heritage. What does that mean? I am not sure yet but, I do continue to research. Additionally, I am in discussion with some of Canada’s leading marine historians and a couple Canadian boat-builders that continue to build with true craftsmanship, just as they did when Grew began.
      If you have any photos of you, or others enjoying Grew products, and wish to share them, please send them to me and, I will start a gallery on the web-page, of Classic Grew memories, or something like that.
      Thanks again for your interest.

  3. Doug says:

    Hi there I have a 72 crew cutter with a 160 HP merc I/O love the boat but when I bought it found the floor had bad soft spots and rot so I will replace the stringers and floor and jell coat . I am not worried about the work after all it is a labour of love and there are not to many of these baby’s left I have never done a boat before so I would like to make this boat to original spec’s. It had been in the water when I got it , but that is when I found some water in the boat , I am very handy and I can fix this Gem but I need this info I have tried to find the spec’s on this boat and can not find any info on this boat I know this is going to be a fixer upper but it has class so I would like any pictures and specs and where to look for a manuals for this boat. if you could help me in any way or where to look I would be very grate full thank you for you time

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hello Doug,
      This sounds like an exciting project and, I can’t wait to see the finished product.
      Currently ‘’ is just a project in development, sadly I am not equipped to help. We are not currently building any boats. The old boat moulds, and engineer drawings for a boat from the 70s are unfortunately not available; from There was a fire at the original Penetanguishene manufacturing facility, and headquarters, back in the 90s; this fire destroyed everything. Grew was reborn out of the ashes, as a brand alone. Your boat comes from an era that pre-dates the boats built in Owen Sound. During the 70s your boat was likely a SlickCraft model, when Grew was building boats, for SlickCraft out of Michigan. These are critically acclaimed boat models, created by a true craftsman that learned his craft at Chris Craft, before striking out on his own. My goal is to document the history of Grew boats on this website, and I have hope to revive a truly great Canadian name in boating heritage.
      With this stated, will research how to help you and, I hope to get back to you with better information soon.
      I hope I can help.
      Best of luck with your boat!

      Chad Jackson

  4. Doug says:

    Thank you for the info and if you can find anything Please let me know all info would help , this is a very wonder full boat it has class I will bring her back to show room condition and send you photo’s of before and after pictures once again thank you Chad for you help yours truly Doug

  5. Ashley says:

    Just bought Grew boat tag says: DOT11568 60 1425 Grew Limited ss150 wondering what year it is – any info appreciated thank you:)

  6. Dustin Barnett says:

    Good evening,
    Where can I find parts for a 1998 cutter pro fisher 165? We just bought one and it needs some love. We can’t afford to do a full restoration but we would like to replace some of the toggle switches and misc.

    Thank you,

    Dustin B

    1. chadajackson says:

      Try these Ontario businesses:

      Kawartha Marine Boat Wreckers & Recycling

  7. Colin Kennedy says:

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if you assist us.
    We’ve recently purchased our first boat, a 2011 Cutter 173. However for the life of me I cannot locate where the Notice of Compliance is? And, unfortunately the boat manual did not come with the sale.
    Now we know that we’re rookies at this, and don’t want to start a fuss, but we were wondering what the gross capacity load would be, as we would love to take the our 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters out on the water for a day. But we just want to make sure we’re good, that’s all.
    I was wondering if you could provide an answer for this and perhaps direct me as to where i could get a manual for our boat?
    Thank you for your time,

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hello Colin,
      Sadly is not yet in a position to help you with this information.
      The company as it existed in 2011 no longer exists, and the product information I have from these boats does not include the rating information that you seek.

      One day in the future will offer a place where Grew Boat Owners and enthusiasts can access archived information. If you find the Product Manuals that you seek, please send me digital copies, so we can share these with other boat-owners?

      Thank you!

  8. Tim says:

    If I sent some pictures would you be able to tell what year and model my boat is?

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hello Tim,

      We’ll do our best to help you determine the year and model of your boat.
      Please do send me the photo to the email address on the site?
      Please include all of the information you have on the boat, including photos of any badging, or stamped numbers on the boat.
      Thank you!

  9. Jerry says:

    Hello just bought a 1988 bow rider 17 foot with out board 90hp. If you could send me any kind of info on this boat would be great. it feels very heavy thinking it might have water inside feels like a tank and I cant get any spark. nothing works so any kind of info would be great onwers manual, weight. that kind of stuff thanks

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hello Jerry,
      My apologies for the delay in our response.
      Unfortunately the product manuals, and detailed product information for all of GREW’s vessels are not available to us, having been destroyed in a couple of fires that the company experienced in its history. GREW is in redevelopment of the brand alone, and has not yet begun building boats, since the 2011 shut-down. Our goal is to build an archive of product information, available to boat-owners online, to support GREW customers, and enthusiasts but, this process has not yet begun. If you do find product information about your Bow-Rider, please do share photos and, documentation with us, for the benefit of other GREW boat owners.
      Thank you, and Good luck!

  10. Rocky alajoki says:

    Hello, I bought a 1982 grew 2550 last year and while fixing and repairing various things a couple topics have come up. 1: would you happen to know roughly how much the dry weight of this model was? I found a hull number but no placard showing weights as issued by the DOT 2: the wiring has been tapered with multiple times by the previous owner and while I’m adept at repairing what I can see, some of the connections terminate while others are seemingly spliced randomly with speaker wire. While eliminating the factory wiring harness is an option I would benefit greatly from any wiring diagrams you may have or be able to point me toward.

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hello Rocky,
      As noted in previous responses to other Grew Boat owners, facing similar challenges, Grew Manufacturing is not in the position to provide facts, specifications, or literature from legacy boat-models. Grew’s current existence is as a brand alone, with future plans to manufacture boats again in the future.
      Unfortunately the literature from legacy boat models was not managed properly over the years, throughout several company eras. The records for your boat were likely destroyed in a fire, when the company still existed in Penetang.
      Other Grew enthusiasts have found Owners Manuals, and other literature on eBay, and other sources.
      My apologies for our inability to assist you.

  11. walter says:

    i have a 1998 grew model 173xle vin qcu173258898.woundering tow tone white and gerrn were could i get the right paint code for the green thank you

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hello Walter,

      Unfortunately, as noted in previous responses to other Grew Boat owners, facing similar challenges, Grew Manufacturing is not in the position to provide facts, specifications, or literature from legacy boat-models. Grew’s current existence is as a brand alone, with future plans to manufacture boats again in the future.
      Unfortunately the literature from legacy boat models was not managed properly over the years, throughout several company eras.
      Other Grew enthusiasts have found Owners Manuals, and other literature on eBay, and other sources.
      My apologies for our inability to assist you.

      Please send us photos of your boat, and if you find any information about it, please share this information for other Boat-owners who have been left without information about the boat they love.
      Thank you!

  12. Chris says:

    Purchased a 1986 Grew 186 which appears to be a bit of a time capsule. It is from the Penetanguishene, pre-NAFTA era. It has the 4.3 litre mercruiser alpha one set up, 2 barrel carbed at 185 horsepower. We had it out on the lake this summer and it runs and operates like a new boat (albeit 30 yrs old). Story seems to be that it was owned by one Toronto family who kept it at a marina near Innisfil and seldom used it. Last 5 yrs of its life before I bought it were spent in dry dock so it is now sunbaked, was full of spiders, but again, the old Chevy V6 is basically new and it starts and runs perfect.

    The only problem is the interior. I have found a company that apparently purchased all of Grew’s top designs and can provide me with an original perambulator style top which is correct for the boat. But the seats and the inner panels are of course in pretty horrible shape having been left out in the elements for five years. So that is the project now, finding someone who can reproduce the interior.

    The hull is perfect and looks new. The guy I use to store the boat in the winter did not believe it was 30 years old. He guessed 4 or 5 years looking at the condition of the hull and the engine.

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hello Chris,
      My sincere apologies for not responding, or commenting on your post sooner.
      I love your story about your 186 and, I hope that you get a lot of enjoyment out of the vessel.
      Please send me pictures, when you have it ship-shape.
      Do you need help sourcing an upholsterer for the interior, or have you found someone already?
      Please do send me the contact information from your contractors, so that I can share your findings (and rated service), with other Grew owners.
      Thank you!

  13. Gregory Martens says:

    Hello Chad, Ron,

    I’m living in belgium. I just bought a second hand grew boat. There is only one problem. The CE certificate is missing. But I need that. Is there a anything you could do for me ?

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hello Gregory,
      I am sorry but Grew Boat Manufacturing is not currently building boats, nor is the current company able to support any certifications, or warranties. I corresponded with another European boat-owner in the recent past, regarding CE certification; it appears to be a challenge for the re-sale of boats. I wish I could help but, I am unable to. All I can state is that all GREW Boats were built to exceed CE Regulations but, I have nothing to support the claim, aside from the marketing material.

  14. J. Singh Biln says:

    Hello Chad Jackson; Thank you for keeping Grew boats alive and hoping that someday you realize your dreams. You may not be able to help but I am hoping one of your many readers may have info. Today, I purchased a 2011 Grew 203 CLE Cutter Cottager. I love the boat but it came with little information. It was likely one of the last boats built and apparently sold while on display at Toronto Boat Show in early 2012. Grew owner David Cameron was killed shortly after and the factory went defunct.

    I am looking for any specifications, manuals, brochures, drawings on this boat. There are not many Grew Cottager here so hoping one of your Ontario readers can help. Thank you.

    J. Singh Biln
    Squamish BC

  15. J. Singh Biln says:

    In previous post, I made a mistake as boat sold at 2011 Toronto show, not 2012. Thanks.

    J. Singh Biln
    Squamish, BC

  16. vu says:

    what spec 2005 grew 174 le

    1. chadajackson says:

      Please email me a more detailed question and, I will see if I can help.

  17. vu says:

    i would like to buy flow
    model 714 le

  18. vu says:

    i would like to buy floor
    grew 174

  19. ulises says:

    Hi Guys , we have a Grew 2100-81 . Do you know any one that might buy this boat or do you know anyone who can tell us how much worth. Thanks. Ulises

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hi Ulises, does not have value information for you, but please send a photo, and description of your boat. I am happy to post the photo and information here, to see if we can attract you a buyer.
      There are often many GREW boats available on Kijiji, perhaps you could determine the value simply by seeing what the market is demanding.
      Our apologies for not having the information you seek.
      Good luck

  20. Dave says:

    Looking navigation lights for a 1969 grew!

    The red and green glass have broken!

    1. chadajackson says:

      Try the following Ontario businesses:

      Kawartha Marine Boat Wreckers & Recycling

  21. Mike says:

    Got a Grew boat. The HIN is no where to be found. Is there a way to find out year and model?? I am not boat savvy. It has an inboard 6 OMC. Thanks.

    1. chadajackson says:

      Look for the Serial number at the Starboard-Stern of your vessel.
      The number should be stamped into the gel-coat.
      The letters and numbers will reveal the Country of Manufacture, the Manufacturer, the unique serial number, and the last digits are the date of manufacture.

      I hope this helps.

  22. ken says:

    what specs for 2005 grew 174

    1. chadajackson says:

      I am sorry but this information is not available.

  23. Lucien Boudreau says:

    I purchased a second hand Grew boat .
    The number on the stern is ZGRIBO131280-1600.

    Is it possible to know the following:
    - Year of boat
    - Weight of boat ( no motor )
    - Maximum HP of outboard motor I should install on the boat.

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hi Lucien,

      Were you able to find out the information you seek?
      Our apologies for not responding earlier.
      I believe there is a post explaining serial numbers elsewhere on the site; please have a read.
      I’m guessing that it is a 1980, based upon the number you have emailed.
      The other information you seek is not available, based upon the code you have noted, and is not equipped for the information you need.
      I hope this helps somewhat.

  24. Peter says:

    I have a 16 footer, 1979 Fiberglass Monohull Grew boat, Model 164SN. Is there a way I can find out how much the boat itself weighs (aside from measuring it on a large scale)?

    Thank you

    1. chadajackson says:

      Sorry does not have this information.
      Best option is weighing your vehicle and trailer in isolation, then weigh with the boat, and subtract the difference.

  25. Eric says:

    Hi there,
    I’m looking at buying a 2007 cutter 181xl.
    I would like to know if it is difficult to get repairs done since the company doesn’t exist anymore.
    Are there parts available in the Ottawa area.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. chadajackson says:

      Hi Eric,
      Any parts need to be either from a wrecked-boat, or aftermarket parts that are compatible. is unable to assist with parts and repairs.

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