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In November 2011 the intellectual properties of Grew Boat Manufacturing were purchased at auction; this included all of the boat name-brands, and domain-names. The owner of these intellectual properties purchased the names, in consideration of developing the brands, to preserve the heritage of a true Canadian Classic in Great Lakes boating.

Grew Boat Manufacturing collapsed under the weight of poor market conditions and a series of unfortunate events, ending in the passing of the companies owner. All of the company’s assets were liquidated at auction in November of 2011.

Grew has not been manufacturing boats since 2011.



  1. chadajackson says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    My apologies for the delay in my response.
    Grew is not currently manufacturing boats, therefore there are unfortunately no active Grew dealers.
    Our goal is to eventually connect a network of Grew owners, and Grew enthusiasts, so we can support each other, and in time perhaps, Grew will begin manufacturing boats again in the future.

    In the meantime, the only advice I can offer you at this time, is to visit Pride Marine, or Gordon Bay Marine, as the experts there can advise you about what is best for your boat model.

    Have a great boating season!

  2. chadajackson says:

    Try these Ontario businesses:


    Kawartha Marine Boat Wreckers & Recycling

  3. chadajackson says:

    Hello Lee,

    Unfortunately, as noted in previous responses to other Grew Boat owners, facing similar challenges, Grew Manufacturing is not in the position to provide facts, specifications, or literature from legacy boat-models. Grew’s current existence is as a brand alone, with future plans to manufacture boats again in the future.
    Unfortunately the literature from legacy boat models was not managed properly over the years, throughout several company eras.
    Other Grew enthusiasts have found Owners Manuals, and other literature on eBay, and other sources.
    My apologies for our inability to assist you.

    Please send us photos of your boat, and if you find any information about it, please share this information for other Boat-owners who have been left without information about the boat they love.
    Thank you!

  4. chadajackson says:

    Hello Dave,
    My apologies for not responding to your post sooner; the site gets a tremendous amount of SPAM and, your message fell unnoticed.
    Unfortunately there is not yet a library or archive of information for Grew owners, although it is a goal of mine.
    Please do send photos of your boat, and I am happy to post your request, with photos, to see if we can find anything from one of the many Grew enthusiasts out there. Let’s hope that other Grew owners can rally together to find the info you need.
    How is the restoration going? When you are finished, the boat will be a real Canadian Gem! Before and after photos, along with the story about how you came to own the boat, would be appreciated.
    Thank you for contacting Grew.ca!

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